ISSN: 2456-7760

RURAL HOUSEHOLD INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT WITH ONE VILLAGE, ONE PLAN, ONE BUDGET, ONE PRODUCT APPROACH (Case Study in Ile Padung District Lewolema of East Flores; Oeletsala Village and Kuaklalo Taebenu District, Kupang Regency East Nusa Tenggara)

Hironnymus Jati, Indonesia

Building a rural industry with the One Village One Product (OVOP) approach is an approach to regional development programs aimed at improving economic and community welfare by altering organized mindsets, plans and actions to cultivate abundant natural resources into more value-added products high. Japan-led OVOP program began to be implemented in Indonesia in 2008 through the Ministry of Industry and 2010 through the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs aimed at increasing the potential and participation of small and medium industries in Indonesia in development, including East Flores with the potential of cashew nut plantations and Kupang regency with the potential of cattle. Since the existence of the Village Fund in 2015, the government also through the Ministerial Regulation of the DPDTT requires a village of one product to improve the capacity of the regional economy on the assumption that if the village has succeeded, it will be upgraded to one district, and continuously upgraded to a larger scale. To that end, each village receiving the Village Fund is required to implement a plan and a budget that focuses on OVOP. This study aims to evaluate the implementation of government policies on OVOP in Ile Padang, Oeletsala and Kuaklalo since the Village Fund and provide recommendations to stakeholders, local government and village government. In addition, the importance of government consistency, village government compliance with higher institutions, and participation of village communities in implementing and supervising village development programs with one plan approach, one budget, one village one product. Finally, the one-plan program, one budget and OVOP is expected to improve the welfare of the community through increased revenues.

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