ISSN: 2456-7760


Clifford Fisher, David M. Pate, USA

In the modern workplace, employers obtain, create, and document a vast amount of employee information to be used for a variety of purposes. The pace of technological progress, while exciting, has led to more people asking the extent to which employers are able to reach for information regarding their employees. From addresses and Social Security numbers to medical and salary information, organizations are the gatekeepers of sensitive, private employee information and must adhere to a complicated set of guidelines regarding such information usage and dissemination. It was found that privacy violations, in summary, are deemed illegal when determined to be unreasonable to both the victim and society at large. Both employees and employers seek this information in a compact, useful, and timely document that summarizes the main aspects of employee privacy. This paper does just that, introducing and explaining privacy mandates from federal and case law on the subjects of (1) employee records and information, (2) employee monitoring and surveillance, and (3) employee investigations.

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