ISSN: 2456-7760


Millie-Jacqueline Wangari Kabungo, Joseph Ntale, Thomas Katua Ngui, Kenya

The purpose of the study was to establish the factors affecting job creation in Nairobi County: case study of Kamukunji Market. The study was guided by the following objectives; to establish the effect of education and skills on job creation at Kamukunji market, to establish the effect of on-the-job experience on job creation at Kamukunji market, to assess the effect of personality traits on job creation at Kamukunji market and to establish the effect of access to finance on job creation at Kamukunji market. The study used descriptive research design. The target population were the members of Kamukunji Jua Kali Association with a total number of 600 members. The study used both stratified sampling and simple random to select a sample of 120. Questionnaires were used as the research instrument. For validity the supervisors appraised the instrument and a pilot study was also carried out to identify items in the instrument which were ambiguous and inappropriate in order to improve their validity and reliability. The data was analyzed using both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics establish the factors affecting job creation at Kamukunji market. The study revealed that there was a relationship between the independent variables - education and skills, on-the-job experience, personality traits, access to finance and the dependent variable - job creation. Education and skills was the most significant independent variable followed by personality traits and access to finance. The study concludes that there is a relationship between entrepreneurship and job creation. The study recommends that the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development should be encouraged to introduce a varied curriculum that builds on insights and practical experience from a range of different functions and roles in order to development entrepreneurial skills. It is also recommended that entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs should be encouraged to get some on-the-job experience which will assist them in gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills to make them gain entrepreneurial skills. It is further recommended that entrepreneurs should be encouraged before selection to receive a personality test so that individuals can receive appropriate interface to assist them become better in teamwork. It is also recommended that a number of legal, regulatory and institutional reforms be taken by the government to help uplift the financial constraints that entrepreneurs face and ultimately enable them to diversify and grow.

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