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Dr. Sheikh Mahabub Alam, Bangladesh

St. Martin's Island is the most popular destination in Bangladesh and a preferred tourist attraction in the Indian-subcontinent and gradually getting global recognition. A natural wonder formed by the rocky coral, built on the rocky coral on the foundation of rocky coral and protected by the rocky coral. This amazing creation of mother nature bring millions of visitors in the middle of the ocean. The stunning coral reef, colourful marine life and crystal clear blue seas, sunrise and sunset in the ocean attracts thousands of visitors every day. When visitor assimilate with the marine living species through snorkelers or scuba divers, at that point the marine creatures accept visitor as a fellow companion and welcome you without fear and keep dancing until you retire. Therefore, tourism and water sports (particularly snorkelling and scuba diving) become part of the ocean revitalising ecosystem. Colourful sea turtle is always an extra attraction for visitor. Sea turtles is considered as the most important indicator for marine environmental health. There is no alternative but to increase sea turtle to an optimum level to maintain heathy and resilient ocean. Green sea turtle survives on sea grasses - provide safe-haven for coral reef. Leatherback take away all toxic substances by consuming jellyfish. Olive Ridley provide oasis for fish and seabirds. All turtle maintain marine food web, facilitates nutrients recycling from ocean water to shorelines. Unhatched eggs supply (nitrogen, Phosphorous and potassium) nutrients to support beach vegetation and stabilizes the beach. Sea turtle not only risk ecological extinction, but physical extinction. The jewel in the crown of the island is the coconut juice, very nutritious drink and is adored by the tourist. Every part of coconut tree is useful - such as household fuel for cooking, tree trunk and leaf are sued for construction materials for hoses and boats, and hard shell is used as a raw material for household decoration. This exotic coconut palm is dominantly cultivated throughout the island, and islanders popularly calls it "NrikelJinjira"(Coconut Island)". Thousands of residents, migratory, and seasonal bird makes the island as a paradise, and lagoons provides a permanent sanctuary for thousands of beautiful birds resting here as it is conveniently located along the highway of bird's migrationroute. The island is always vibrant with the presence of as much as 85 spices of which 50 species are migratory bird comes from Asian -Australasian flyway and Central Asian Flyway. If the lagoons can be excavated back to its original form and shapes, then it will become a glorious sanctuary for global birds and turn into magnificent bird watching venue of the world. The St. Martin's Island create fatal attraction to tourist and fill their heart with heavenly pleasure, and your once in a life time experience will cherish for your mind for the rest of your life.

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